Power Line EMI/PLC Adapters

How much EMI is on your power lines?  Are you working with power line communication (PLC)?  How to assess the levels of noise and its properties when it is obviously a bad idea to connect your oscilloscope or a spectrum analyzer directly to your power lines?  Our EMI power adapters will help you with that.

Our EMI interface adapters provide galvanic separation from high mains' voltages but a straight path for high-frequency signals so that you can connect your sensitive instrument to live power lines for analysis and quantification. We offer plug-in and hand-held adapters which can measure both differential ("normal") and common-mode noise.  Among applications for EMI Adapters are:

  • Conducted emission measurements

  • Compliance with SEMI E176 Standard and IPC-A-610 EOS section

  • EMI audits, diagnostics and troubleshooting

EMI Adapters enable measurements of power line communication (PLC) which is a part of Smart Power.

Our EMI adapters have true balanced input allowing for measurement of signals independently of ground loops or whether your instrument is grounded or not.  

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MSN12 EMI Adapter
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