EMI Suppression Applications

Reduction of EMI

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), or, in our case, any unwanted high-frequency signal, is common in almost any environment, especially where there are plenty of noise-generating equipment.  EMI can manifest itself in any of the following forms:

  • Outright equipment lock-up

  • Tools do things they weren’t supposed to do

  • Software errors

  • Erratic response

  • Parametric errors

  • Measurement inaccuracy and lack of repeatability

  • Sensor misreading

  • Component damage

All of that causes equipment downtime, loss of productivity and product defects. 

Question on EMI?  Ask Us:

Most equipment already has built-in EMI filters, but they serve narrow purpose - compliance with the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) regulations.   In actual use, outside of EMC test laboratory, these filters may actually amplify noise.  OnFILTER' EMI filters are designed specifically to effectively manage EMI in actual applications. Among our filter lines there is a filter that should help you to effectively manage EMI in your application.

Electromagnetic Interference, test errors, EMI, EMI filters, PCBA, IPC-A-610
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Electromagnetic interference, EMI, test errors, noise reduction, test and measurements
Electromagnetic interference, EMI, EMI filters, ultrasonic equipment, medical EMI, ultrasound
Electromagnetic interference, EMI, EMI filters, test errors, measurement errors, EMI aerospace
Electromagnetic interference, EMI, EMI filters, audio, hi-fi EMI, hi-fi noise

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