Clean power and ground benefits any and every process.  Click on any of the major categories below to explore how our EMI filters can help you with your process' accuracy, product yield and quality.

EMI, Electromagnetic Interference, EMI filter, Electrical Noise, EMI reduction, EMI Suppression
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is never good news.  It causes problems in operation of equipment, damages sensitive components and produces errors in measurements.

  • OnFILTER' EMI filters are uniquely designed to greatly reduce EMI in your applications - power lines, ground and motion control 


Electrical Overstress, EOS, EMI filter, Reduction of EOS, Prevention of EOS, Prevention of Electrical Overstress
  • "Electrical overstress is the number one source of damage to IC devices" (Intel)

  • EOS is prone to cause latent damage - when product fails in the field

  • OnFILTER products reduce EMI-caused EOS, significantly lowering overstress exposure, allowing for compliance with IPC-A-610, section 3.1.1

PWM motor, Motor bearings, motor filter, servo motor, VFD motor, bearing damage, EDM, Electrodischarge Machinning, EMI, EMI Filter, PWM filter, PWM EMI Filter
  • Sharp edges of drive pulses destroy PWM motor bearings by EDM - electric discharge machining

  • OnFILTER' patented motor filters reduce EMI on both motor drive and ground

  • Our filters offer higher motor reliability and lower EMI in equipment

  • No mechanical attachments, no fitting, no maintenance required

Power transients, Power surges, surge protection, transient protection, transient suppression, surge protector, overvoltage protection
  • Power line transients can reach thousands of volts damaging sensitive equipment

  • Regular surge protection 
    allows several hundred volts to get to your equipment

  • Unlike common surge protectors, our CleanSweep® AC power line filters reduce transients down to negligible levels without fatigue 

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