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Welcome to OnFILTER!  Your equipment most likely already has some kind of EMI filter, perhaps several, but it looks like you still experience EMI issues.  We at OnFILTER offer different type of EMI filters - the ones that help you to manage EMI in your real-life environment, not just in an EMC test laboratory.  What works for CE/FCC EMC compliance does not necessarily work where it matters - where equipment is used.  From industrial to medical to semiconductor to electronics to scientific to aerospace to HiFi - we solve EMI problems wherever they occur.  We design and manufacture all our products in U.S.A. and ship them worldwide.

What makes OnFILTER's EMI filters better?  After all, there are thousands of EMI filter manufacturers, and some filters are quite inexpensive.  The problem is, absolute majority of commodity filters are designed strictly for EMC compliance - in short, for the purpose of meeting requirements of regulations, not to lower EMI in your applications. Real-life power lines and ground have very little to do with the artificial regulatory setup.  Placed in the "real world" applications commodity filters often amplify noise - yes, it is in their specification.  Click here for detailed explanation


OnFILTER' EMI filters are designed with your needs in mind - to perform not just in EMC test lab, but where your equipment is installed and operates.    We have designed a unique and broad line of purpose-built EMI filters that provide your equipment and process with noise-free clean power and ground.  OnFILTER manufactures its products in the U.S.A. and ships globally.


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