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Power Line Communication (PLC)


Power line communication (PLC) utilizes data transmitted over power lines by overlaying regular power with high-frequency signals.  It is a component of "Smart Power" and is quite common in the industry.  OnFILTER makes several products for PLC:

Power line EMI adapters help to observe PLC signals on power lines using regular oscilloscopes or spectrum analyzers by completely blocking 50/60Hz AC power voltage and by providing galvanic separation between power lines and your instrument.  Our MSN series of adapters satisfies all major international standards for power line communication.  MSN15 and MSN17 adapters offer the broad frequency range - in excess of 150 MHz - and cover HomePlug AV, HomePlug AV2, IEEE 1901, ARIB, all CENELEC bands, and others.

CleanSweep® AC EMI filters , dedicated PLC filters, and filtered PDUs effectively block narrow-band PLC signals which is helpful in case of collision of the signals and for enhancing data security.  If power line is too noisy due to EMI from equipment, CleanSweep® EMI filters can help to "clean it up" for better signal quality.  

PLC signal on power line as seen using MSNxxx EMI Adapters

Relevant Products:

HomePlug AV2 PLC Spectrum

HomePlug AV2 Spectrum Measured with MSN15 EMI Adapter

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