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EMI-Filtered PDU With Advanced Transient Surge Protection

OnFILTER' Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

CleanSweep® AC EMI filtered power distribution units (PDU) provide both advanced two-stage surge protection and highly-effective EMI filtering. 

"I would just like to tell you that everything went fine with the PDU, and that we’re very satisfied with both the product and your support."  (Norway) 

Did you know that regular MOV-based
surge protectors allow up to 700V
spikes to get to your equipment? It is
all in their specification.


CleanSweep® PDUs uniquely reduce hundreds of volts transients down to just few harmless volts - see details below.  CleanSweep® PDUs combine proprietary suppression technology with regular MOVs providing comprehensive transient surge protection for your sensitive equipment.  

Power line transients is not the only power problem affecting your equipment. Strong EMI common in any industrial environment causes multitude of malfunction, equipment lock-ups and errors (some of them appear as software glitches).  CleanSweep® PDUs employ our unique patented filter technology to provide unparalleled reduction of EMI improving your up-time and reducing defects.  See below for details.

"Worked great. Filtered out all the conducted emissions from the power lines."  L.W.  

Ordering Information

Model Selection

Model                              AREC148FD

Voltage, AC                     250V RMS max.

Current, AC                    20A RMS max.
                                         for total of all 8 outlets 

Overload protection     Circuit breaker

Inlet                                 IEC60320 C19

Outlets                            IEC60320 C13

Number of outlets        8

Current per outlet        15A RMS max.

Mechanical                    19" rack mount, 2-Up

Connections                  C13/C14 cables, not included

where "xxxx" - supplied cable type
Select "xxxx" by cable plug type:
Plug Image
15A 125VAC
20A 125VAC
15A 125VAC
20A 125VAC
16A 250VAC
13A 250VAC
16A 250VAC

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  • All specifications are subject to change without notice
  • The only outlet configuration is eight (8) IEC C13 outlets.  The difference between models is only in the plug on the supplied main power cable

AR-series PDU is supplied with a power cable with options for different locales. Note that while the maximum capacity of this PDU is 20A, the ultimate max. current rating will depend on the lowest of these 20A and the circuit breaker of the branch of the outlet into which this PDU is plugged in.  Fox example, for cable with Schuko plug the max. current will be 16A. 

Display of AR-series PDU provides detailed information on voltage, current, power consumption of all loads and consumed energy helping you to manage your energy bill and determine power requirements

Display of Power Distribution Unit (PDU) AR series

AREC148FG display shows voltage, current, power and energy


Did you know that most regular EMI filters are effective only in the test lab but may amplify EMI in actual installations? Yes, it is in their specification.  Real-life installations have long cables, multitude of EMI sources, "dirty" ground and power line impedances that have nothing to do with the "sterile" 50 Ohms found in the test labs. 

OnFILTER' CleanSweep® AC power line EMI filters and PDUs are designed to be very effective in actual installations (they do well in the test lab too).

CleanSweep® filtered PDUs offer two-stage advanced transient surge protection unachievable just by regular MOVs that allows spikes up to 700V to get to your equipment.  After first stage with MOVs, our built-in CleanSweep® filtering that is treating transients as EMI, reduces them to harmless levels of just a few volts.

CleanSweep® technology offers unparalleled performance in actual use
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CleanSweep® technology protect against transients
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