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PCBA - Electronics Assembly

Soldering EMI Filter to Reduce EOS

EMI in electronic assembly, would it be PCB assembly, finished product assembly, or test at any step, is facing the following issues stemming from EMI:

  • Electrical overstress (EOS)

  • Errors in test

  • Equipment malfunction


Of all the above, EOS is by far is most important since electrical overstress is capable of causing latent damage, i.e. failures in the field, the most expensive place to fail.  Electrical overstress, unlike ESD, weakens the internal structure of devices that at a factory may pass the tests, but have high chance of failing in actual use.  "EOS is the number one source of damage to IC components" according to Intel.  Read more about EOS here.  Our Library contains a number of articles and Symposium' papers on dealing with EOS.

OnFILTER uniquely addresses EOS with its patented soldering filters, CleanSweep AC EMI filters, ground filters, and other products - see below.

EMI also adds to test errors - it is not uncommon for a board to go through several rounds of tests until it finally passes, although there are no changes to the board.  OnFILTER offers solutions for that as well.

And finally, when your production equipment locks up and needs rebooting, it is not Microsoft who is to blame - it is unwanted signals injected into computer of your tool that directed it into a "no man land".  We have solutions for that too. 

Select a product from the recommendations below for details.  Ask us questions - we may have answers.

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