Measurements of Conducted Emission in the Manufacturing Environment - inCompliance Magazine 7-2020

July 01, 2020

If you ever wanted to analyze and quantify EMI in your manufacturing process, this is an article for you: a practical guide to factory engineers and technicians on measurements of conducted EMI in real-life conditions - an article in inCompliance Magazine written by OnFILTER's own Vladimir Kraz.  Read article here, or go to inCompliance Magazine page.

New Power Line EMI Adapters extend bandwidth up to 200MHz for PLC and EMI measurements

June 09, 2020

New Power Line EMI Adapters MSN15 and MSN17 with extended bandwidth allow measurements of EMI and all types of power line communication (PLC) using regular oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.  MSN15 uses test leads allowing measurements of EMI on live AC and DC power, different grounds within the tools, between busses in distribution boxes and anywhere EMI is a problem.  MSN17 uses power cord and is dedicated to measurements of EMI and PLC signals in electrical outlets.  MSN17 can be shipped with the variety of international power cables.  Both adapters are certified for CE approval.  See new adapters here.

September 01, 2019

inCompliance Magazine, a leading publication on all things EMI and EMC has published an article by Intel, Applied Materials and OnFILTER outlining basic steps for compliance with SEMI E176 Standard on reducing and managing electromagnetic interference in semiconductor manufacturing and handling.  Full September 2019 issue of inCompliance magazine can be found here.  An article on SEMI E176 itself can be found at this link.


Electromagnetic interference is a significant contributor to latent failure of devices in the field and yield, as well as process variations, equipment interruption and malfunction.  Following SEMI E176 guidance on managing EMI and limiting EMI levels in process as recommended by SEMI E176 facilitates error-free operation, reduction of variables and higher reliability of devices. 


July 23, 2019

Vladimir Kraz of OnFILTER presented a paper on SEMI EMC Standards at the IEEE EMC Symposium.  See presentation in our Library - here is a direct link. Vladimir leads EMC Standards at SEMI - an international organization dedicated to all things in semiconductor manufacturing.  If you are involved in manufacturing or handling of semiconductor devices this may be of interest to you.


Vladimir also took a part of Symposium-organized experiments sessions during the Symposium where he demonstrated proper techniques and pitfalls of doing measurements of EMI on live power lines and ground in real-life situation.  If you are interested in details contact him at vkraz@onfilter.com 

OnFILTER at 2019 IEEE EMC Symposium in New Orleans

July 11, 2019

General EMC (Electromagnetic Compliance) requirements have little to do with the needs in the field.  Abstract tests of less-than-relevant parameters don't help in reduction actual EMI in manufacturing environment. OnFILTER' President Vladimir Kraz will be presenting a paper at the IEEE EMC Symposium titled "Specific EMC Requirements for Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment and Review of SEMI E33 and E176 Standards."

Vladimir is a Task Force Leader of SEMI EMC Standards focusing on issues of productivity and yield in semiconductor manufacturing environment and handling of semiconductors in PCBA.  New SEMI E176 Standard uniquely provides EMI limits in actual environment, not only in the test lab.  See these links in advance of this paper:  

Dealing With EMI in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Part II: SEMI E176-1017 Standard

Electromagnetic Compliance - a View from the Field  

While at the Symposium stop by Experiments in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday, July 23, between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. - Vladimir will be showing how to quickly and effectively measure conducted EMI on actual power lines.  Then stop by Reliant EMC booth 732 to see OnFILTER' products.

May 08, 2019

U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office granted OnFILTER a U.S. Patent 10,263,591 "DEVICE AND METHOD FOR REDUCTION OF ELECTRICAL NOISE FROM PULSED SIGNAL DEVICES" which, among other things, addresses unique configuration and design of OnFILTER' filters for pulse-width modulation (PWM) motors.  Our motor filters improve reliability of PWM motors by reducing bearing damage caused by EMI leakage currents.  The filters also reduce overall EMI levels in equipment improving tool's up-time and precision and controlling electrical overstress (EOS) to sensitive devices.  


OnFILTER' servo filters offer a unique advantage over traditional attempts to control EMI problem:  

> Unlike mechanical contacts and brushes, our filters have no mechanical parts and require special installation or maintenance. 

> Unlike mechanical contacts or brushes, our filters are very effective in suppressing overall EMI.

> Unlike conventional reactors our filters reduce leakage currents 50 to 100 times or more, not merely 2...3 times.

> Unlike conventional reactors we offer unique combo filter combining both motor and AC filtering in one small and effective package saving space and cost while improving performance

April 30, 2019

This article in inCompliance Magazine is a guide to the new SEMI E176-1017 standard for control of EMI in semiconductor manufacturing environment and related industries, such as electronic assembly.  E176-107 is the only industry standard providing recommendations and limits on EMI levels in the facility and inside equipment.  Web version of this article is here.

Seminar at International Electrostatic Workshop (IEW) in Belgium

May 14, 2019

Vladimir Kraz of OnFILTER presented a Seminar on Electrical Overstress (EOS) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) at IEW workshop held in Priory Corsendonk, Belgium.  Annual IEW Workshop is organized by ESD Association and is attended by specialists all over the world.

OnFILTER Presents its Products at Scandinavian Electronic Event in Solna, Sweden

April 24, 2019

OnFILTER exhibited its products at Scandinavian Electronic Event (SEE) bringing together electronic manufacturers from Scandinavia and worldwide.  OnFILTER' products were in a booth of our Swedish representative, CEBIT.  This is the first time OnFILTER exhibited in Sweden.

New AFxxxxEG series of CleanSweep® AC EMI filters offers "instant" EMC compliance

January 15, 2018

AFxxxxEG series of CleanSweep® AC EMI filters provides unparalleled attenuation of both common and differental mode conducted emission in the most challenging range - at the lower end of the spectrum where most regular filters don't perform well.  Rated up to 20A 250VAC, EG series is "plug-and-play" device instantly reducing conducted emission from your product below limits.   Here is a datasheet of the EG series and here is its basic performance example.

January 01, 2020

Published in inCompliance Magazine, October 2017. Discussion on why an EMC-compliant piece of equipment can be heavy EMI polluter as well as overall discrepancies between current EMC regulations and actual use of products.  Here is the web version and a full issue of magazine.

September 12, 2017

This paper analyzes EMI-caused electrical overstress (EOS) in a wire bonder and how to effectively suppress it.  Relevant to many automated tools in both semiconductor manufacturing and PCB assembly.

OnFILTER Presents at 2017 EOS/ESD Symposium in Tucson, AZ

September 11, 2017

OnFILTER had a busy booth at the 2017 EOS/ESD Symposium in Tucson.  We presented our complete line of EMI filters and instrumentation.  Among new products is the newest addition to our CleanSweep® AC EMI Filters family - rack-mounted PDU (power distribution unit) with advanced surge protection.

If you were unable to visit our booth but are interested in effective EMI and EOS protection, browse through this web site or give us a call at 831-824-4052 or email us at info@onfilter.com

September 10, 2017

President of OnFILTER Vladimir Kraz taught a half-day tutorial "Basics of EMI and EOS in Manufacturing Environment and Their Mitigation " at the EOS/ESD Symposium in Tucson, AZ.  Tutorial focused on the nature of EOS, EMI as a major source of EOS in electronic manufacturing, industry standards and practices, mitigation of EOS exposure and EOS management.  If you are interested in such tutorial at your company, please contact us.

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