Data EMI Filters for 4...20 mA Analog Signals

Long data lines from and to 4...20mA sensors and actuators "collect" plenty of noise which causes data misreading, errors and other malfunction.  OnFILTER' data electromagnetic interference filters for such analog lines block EMI on long cables while providing pass through for the data.

We offer two models - for slow-changing signals (under 500 Hz) and for fast-changing signals (under 10 kHz).  The former provides the best noise suppression while the latter accommodates wider variety of sensors and actuators with faster data rate.  Most applications would use DF420CD1 model - let us know if you have any questions. 


Data filters are small, unobtrusive and are easy to install and connect.

Connection From Sensors
Available Models


Up to 500 Hz Data Rate


Up to 10 kHz Data Rate

Connection to Actuators

Filter Mounting Dimensions

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What is EMI?  A formal definition of Electromagnetic Interference is that it is a malfunction of equipment caused by excessive high-frequency signals, either radiated (via air), or conducted (via wires).  Often it is also called RFI - Radio Frequency Interference.  Most conventionally, EMI is understood as undesirable high-frequency signals, and EMI filters as devices that suppress such signals while preserving the "good" ones.         

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