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CleanSweep® DIN Rail Narrow Band PLC Filter


PLC, or power line communication, is a powerful tool to control equipment without adding wires or alternative communication channels.  PLC is not without its challenges, however.  PLC signals often reach equipment for which they were not intended to.   Creating multiple PLC networks on the same AC phase is asking for troubles.  Strong EMI interferes with PLC signals usually located in the same band as typical EMI.  

CleanSweep® AM series DIN rail PLC filters answer all the above challenges.  They serve as a separation junction for two separate narrow-band PLC networks on the same AC main.  Fully symmetrical design of the filter effectively blocks propagation of PLC signals from one network without affecting another - on the same AC mains.  And if you have just one PLC network AM series filters will protect is from extraneous EMI from power lines.

AM series filters work with most standards for narrow-band PLC, including most of CENELEC bands, FCC, ARIB, and IEEE1901.2.


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Ordering Information:  AM2020NG

This filter qualifies for UL 508A panels by being certified to UL/IEC60939 Standard

All specifications are subject to change without notice
Attenuation at the Lower End
Attenuation in the Full Band
OnFILTER' EMI Filters offer unparalleled performance in actual use
Time domain performance of AM series filter at 100kHz
Comparative performance of CleanSweep® AC EMI filters vs. conventional filters

PLC Signal Before AM Filter - 1V

PLC Signal After AM Filter - 0.7mV

62.7dB or 1400 times attenuation

Two Separate PLC Networks
AM2020NG Filter: PLC Two Networks on One Phase
Blocking PLC Signal Propagation
AM2020NG CleanSweep PLC DIN Rail PLC Block.png
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