EMI and Measurements

Electromagnetic interference causes problems with the measurements, often in a way that is not obvious at the time, but quite pronounced later. OnFILTER's EMI filters provide clean power to your test equipment and setup, greatly reducing probability of such errors.

High-frequency noise "adds" to analog signals, injects unwanted pulses into digital signals, and alters logic levels allowing for erroneous digital signals to manifest themselves.  In product test it may lead to rejection of "good" parts, or worse, passing of the "bad" ones.  In process control such added signals may alter the "recipe" by modifying signals from sensors; or lead to operation errors by falsely triggering or disabling actuators.

No matter what type of conducted EMI caused problems, one of OnFILTER's EMI filter may fix it.  Let us know what the specific problem you are dealing with and we may be able to recommend a most suitable application.

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