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R&D and Test & Measurements:  EMI and Errors
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Measurements lead to decisions, and erroneous measurements lead to expensive erroneous decisions.  Where would errors come from?  If you are dealing with low-level signals, EMI is one of major contributors to errors.

High-frequency noise "adds" to analog signals, injects unwanted pulses into digital signals, and alters logic levels, allowing for erroneous digital signals. In product test it may lead to rejection of "good" parts, or worse, passing of the "bad" ones.  In process control such added signals may alter the "recipe" by modifying signals from sensors; or lead to operation errors by falsely triggering or disabling actuators.


Signal/Noise Ratio

It is likely that you are working with low-level signals.  Noise can easily "add" something to your signals, burying "good" signals in the noise floor, or causing them to be missed altogether.  A lot of signal processing often goes into dealing with noise, which involves a lot of guesswork on a part of algorithms and humans.  It is much simpler and much more reliable to prevent noise from getting into your "good" signals to begin with.  OnFILTER's EMI filters provide clean power to your test equipment and setup, greatly reducing probability of such errors.

Hunting for a Particular Signal

You may be searching for a particular signal artifact - a pulse, a "blip", a small signal deviation or transition.  Well, EMI-injected signals may appear just like the signal you were looking for.  Here is an example of such "good" signal buried in noise caused by operation of a servo motor. The motor may not even be present in your setup - noise from its operation propagates via power and ground paths.  It would be challenging at the least to even recognize that the signal of your interest has even happened.

Having Proper Reference

Any signal is measured vs. some reference, usually ground.  The problem is, ground connects all electrical equipment together, and just one "bad neighbor" with high EMI leakage current signal onto ground can pollute ground of all the equipment in the neighborhood.  The result is skewed measurements, wrong signal levels, and false logic signals. The worst of it is that there is no trace of anything gone wrong and no indication of wrong signal reference.


CleanSweep® AC EMI Filters: Effective and Simple Solution

Power your entire test setup via CleanSweep AC EMI filter - this way your setup will be in a well-protected "EMI-bubble".  Patented CleanSweep AC EMI filters block high-frequency signals on AC mains and, uniquely, in ground.  CleanSweep filters are designed for maximum EMI attenuation in real-life applications.  Filters are "plug-and-play" and don't require an electrician to install.  They are available in wide range of international outlets and work up to 250VAC.

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Typical Performance - Without and With CleanSweep Filter

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