Ground EMI Filters

High-frequency signals on ground is never good news - it interferes with normal operation of equipment and causes electrical overstress (EOS).  However it is easy to block propagation of EMI on ground by installing highly-effective ground EMI filters in ground lines. Our unique patented ground EMI filters provide very low impedance for DC and mains' power while effectively blocking propagation of high-frequency currents throughout facility or equipment ground. Ground filters meet safety standards, as well as SEMI E176, ANSI/ESD S6.1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20.

OnFILTER offers ground EMI filters for the facility and for grounding inside the equipment, providing universal protection against propagation of EMI.  Select below the category of ground EMI filters of your interest for more details.

Grounding in the Facility

Installs in-line with facility grounding to blocks propagation of EMI from noisy equipment throughout the factory

Ground EMI filters for facility and equipment GLE30-1

Installs in-line with ESD grounding inside equipment to block EMI propagation throughout the tool

Grounding with ESD Ground
Ground EMI Filters for ESD Ground Inside Equipment
Application Notes
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Technical Articles

Presented at 2017 EOS/ESD Symposium. This paper shows how EMI-caused EOS in a wire bonder can be completely blocked using GLE04-01 ground EMI filter. Co-authored by IBM and OnFILTER

Paper by J. Salisbury (Finisar) and V. Kraz (OnFILTER), 2016 EOS/ESD Symposium

Published in TAP Times, May 2016

Presented at IPC APEX in 2015

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