Ground EMI Filters GLE30-1 

Ground EMI Filter GLE30-1 from OnFILTER

This patented safety-approved ground EMI filter is most suited for blocking EMI on facility ground and for individual equipment.  For EMI filtering in ESD ground inside equipment see ground EMI filter GLE04-01.

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Typical EMI Ground Current Reduction with GLE30-1
Measured with Tektronix' CT-1 probe 5mV/mA

EMI current - No filter

EMI current - GLE30-1

Frequency Domain Attenuation

Typical Installation of Ground
EMI Filters GLE30-1 with Facility Ground

Ground EMI Filters GLE30-1 Stop EMI Pollution of Factory Ground by "Noisy" Equipment

Application Notes

Applications of ground EMI filter GLE04-01 in ESD ground inside equipment

Applications of ground EMI filter in facility ground

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Technical Articles

Presented at 2017 EOS/ESD Symposium. This paper shows how EMI-caused EOS in a wire bonder can be completely blocked using GLE04-01 ground EMI filter. Co-authored by IBM and OnFILTER

Paper by J. Salisbury (Finisar) and V. Kraz (OnFILTER), 2016 EOS/ESD Symposium

Published in TAP Times, May 2016

Presented at IPC APEX in 2015

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What is EMI?  A formal definition of Electromagnetic Interference is that it is a malfunction of equipment caused by excessive high-frequency signals, either radiated (via air), or conducted (via wires).  Often it is also called RFI - Radio Frequency Interference.  Most conventionally, EMI is understood as undesirable high-frequency signals, and EMI filters as devices that suppress such signals while preserving the "good" ones.         

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