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Remote Operation

Transient anEMI protection for  remote operation and monitoring

Unmanned remote equipment is difficult to reach in case of malfunction and is very expensive to repair. One of the causes of such malfunction is power line transients that happen often during power switchover.   

Conventional surge protectors don't do adequate suppressing transients, leaving several hundred volts spikes to get to the servers - please see this page.  OnFILTER' CleanSweep® AC EMI filters not only very effectively suppress EMI on power lines and ground; they are very good in reducing high transient spikes down to very low levels.  They use a different approach than regular surge suppressors - instead of relying on MOV (metal oxide varistors) that utilize voltage levels for suppression of transients, CleanSweep® AC filters treat these spikes as EMI which they are well-equipped to handle; plus the filters are free from typical MOV fatigue rendering MOVs ineffective after some time in service.

Special rack-mounted CleanSweep® filtered power distribution units (PDU)  provide a combination of advanced multi-stage surge protection and highly-effective EMI filtering in both power and ground.

CleanSweep® EMI filters and filtered PDUs pay for themselves many times over in one service call that doesn't need to be made.

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