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Reduction of EMI in Medical Applications
Ultrasound Examination

Sensitive diagnostics equipment, such as ultrasound, can be easily disturbed by excessive noise on power lines.  OnFILTER's CleanSweep® AC EMI filters have proven record of enabling ultrasound equipment to function well in almost any environment.  Special hospital-grade CleanSweep® AC power line filters make operation of sensitive equipment possible in today's equipment-saturated medical environment.  CleanSweep AC EMI filters are especially helpful in imaging - ultrasound and radiology at large.

EMI in medical imaging causes two main problems:

errors in images, including degraded images, missing or falsely perceived structures, and so on

slow throughput - need to rescan until an adequate image is obtained.  This causes backups and delays in patient care

And it is getting only worse - more equipment in a hospital has more electronic content and automation, generating more EMI; and the need to finer resolution and better diagnostics requires better quality images with finer details and less artifacts.

The good news is that it isn't that difficult or expensive to fix EMI problem once and for all - let us show how.

For imaging and other medical applications we offer hospital-grade patented CleanSweep® AC EMI Filters that provide your equipment with clean power and ground.  The filters are easy to connect, requiring no electrician's help - it is simply plug-and-play.

The most suitable models for medical applications are AFxxxxFM series for many countries, and ALxxxxFM for China and Australia.  "xxxx" stands for the type of the outlet and plug in your country - please see corresponding CleanSweep web pages and Ordering Information


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Important: Not for Life- or Mission-Critical Applications

OnFILTER products are not designed for any “critical applications” such as life support systems, certain medical applications, connections to implanted medical devices, or any other applications where product failure could lead to injury to persons or loss of life or property damage.

While OnFILTER believes it designs and manufactures very reliable products, many of the vendors that OnFILTER sources components from do not recommend or endorse the use of their products in life- or mission-critical applications. By extension, OnFILTER must adhere to the same business policy.  Please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale for details.

"It helped to reduce or eliminate the noise that was being injected in the ultrasound image from outside equipment."

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