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Protection Against Transient Surges

Regular Surge Protector

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Power line transients are one the main causes of damage of electrical and electronic equipment - about 50%, according to the insurance companies (they pay the claims - they know).   Surge protectors are quite common in both industrial and consumer applications - why would such problem persist?  The issue us that common surge protectors work on limiting the voltage of the transients.  For 120VAC the typical voltage at which such protection begins to work is ~ 330V, while at 250VAC  such threshold is at least 440V - this way the tops of the acceptable mains' voltage do not get "clipped."  This means that transients slightly less than such threshold level are not even noticed by regular surge protectors. 


Common surge protectors pass strong transients to your equipment

OnFILTER' CleanSweep® AC power line EMI filters and filtered PDUs work on a different principle - they see power line transients as EMI events regardless of their amplitude and highly-effectively suppress them as shown. This way all transients, large or small, are suppressed down to  insignificant levels.

OnFILTER' CleanSweep® AC EMI filters reduce power line transients to negligible levels

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If you are using any type of back-up power, such as back-up generator or UPS, CleanSweep® filters will help with reduction of switch-over transients - when power is switched between mains and back-up.


As an added bonus, unlike MOVs (metal-oxide varistors) used in regular surge protectors, that wear out with each transients, CleanSweep® filters remain effective without any wear or damage.  This App. Note provides more details.

Common surge protectors miss these transients

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