Technical Papers

Here  you can find a number of technical papers on the subjects of EMI and EOS, as well as other relevant documents.

If you ever wanted to analyze and quantify EMI in your manufacturing process, this is an article for you: a practical guide to factory engineers and technicians on measurements of conducted EMI in real-life conditions - an article in inCompliance Magazine written by OnFILTER's own Vladimir Kraz.  Read article here, or go to inCompliance Magazine page.

An article in inCompliance Magazine by Intel, Applied Materials and OnFILTER outlining basic steps for compliance with SEMI E176 Standard on reducing and managing electromagnetic interference in semiconductor manufacturing and handling.  Full September 2019 issue of inCompliance magazine can be found here.  An article on SEMI E176 itself can be found at this link.


Electromagnetic interference is a significant contributor to latent failure of devices in the field and yield, as well as process variations, equipment interruption and malfunction.  Following SEMI E176 guidance on managing EMI and limiting EMI levels in process as recommended by SEMI E176 facilitates error-free operation, reduction of variables and higher reliability of devices.  

EMC Standards are very important for the industry - they help to reduce downtime, improve productivity and yield by controlling EMI levels in the environment.  Semiconductor industry has specific requirements that are not addressed by "generic" EMC regulations, among them actual EMI levels in the factory, transient, not just continuous signals, EMI inside critical process equipment and others.  Vladimir Kraz of OnFILTER who leads SEMI EMC Standards' Task Force presented a paper at the 2019 IEEE EMC Symposium introducing IEEE EMC Society to SEMI EMC Standards and its specific requirements.  Please see this presentation at this link and if you are interested in the actual paper contact Vladimir at  

Article in inCompliance Magazine discussing new SEMI E176-1017 standard and its applications.  Written by OnFILTER's Vladimir Kraz who is a leader of SEMI Standards' EMC Task Force and a co-chair of SEMI Standards' Metrics Committee.  Here is the web version of this article.

SEMI publishes an article about new SEMI Standard E176-1017 "Guide to Assess and Minimize Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment."  This document provides guidance on reduction of EMI in semiconductor manufacturing environment, as well as in other industries.  It also establishes safe EMI levels based on devices' technology.  OnFILTER' President Vladimir Kraz is a co-chair of SEMI EMC Task Force, as well as a co-chair of SEMI Standards' Metrics Committee.  Anyone involved in semiconductor manufacturing or handling who is interested in participating in SEMI Standards' activities is welcome to contact Vladimir at

Published in inCompliance Magazine, October 2017.  Discussion on how an EMC-compliant piece of equipment can be heavy EMI polluter, as well as discrepancies between current EMC regulations and real-life use.  Here are the web version  and a full magazine issue.

Presented at 2017 EOS/ESD Symposium.  Prevention of EMI-caused EOS in wire bonder using GLE04-01 ground EMI filter

Paper by J. Salisbury (Finisar) and V. Kraz (OnFILTER). Presented at the EOS/ESD Symposium, 2016

Joint paper between Seagate (Thailand) and OnFILTER. Presented at the EOS/ESD Symposium, 2012

Presented as IPC APEX, 2015

Paper by A. Wallas (Hitachi) and V. Kraz (OnFILTER). Presented at the EOS/ESD Symposium, 2010

Paper by A. Wallash (Quantum) and V. Kraz (Credence Technologies - OnFILTER), Journal of Electrostatic, 2002

Article by P. Gagnon (Texas Instrument) and V. Kraz (OnFILTER) in Evaluation Engineering Magazine, 2002

Go to Section 10 for Intel recommendations on EOS.  "EOS is the number one source of damage to IC components"

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