CleanSweep® Soldering AC EMI Filters

CleanSweep Soldering AC EMI Filter

Comply with IPC-A-610 sect. 3.1.1, ANSI/ESD STM13.1 and SEMI E176 with our soldering filters.


OnFILTER's patented soldering filters prevent EMI-caused electrical overstress (EOS) in soldering process - sometimes called EIPD - electrically induced physical damage).  The filters block EMI on both power lines and ground going to the soldering iron, plus they provide EMI-free ground for your workbench or a fixture which you would use as your ESD grounding.  In short, these filters create electrically quiet EMI-free "eco-zone" between the tip of the soldering iron and ground of the bench and, ultimately, circuit board and its components.

Use of CleanSweep® soldering filters is very simple: plug your soldering iron through the small-size soldering filter and connect ground of your workbench or board under assembly to the ground terminal of the filter as shown below.


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OnFILTER' Soldering Filter Setup
Soldering filter setup (click on image to enlarge)
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Tip Current from EMI on AC & Ground
Soldering Iron Tip Current without CleanSwep Soldering Filter
Soldering Iron Tip Current with CleanSwep Soldering Filter
Click on chart to enlarge
Click on chart to enlarge
Tip current was measured with Tektronix' CT-1 probe (5mA/mA)

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