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How to Buy: Basics

Request a Quote

In the U.S. and Canada,  and in places where we do not have authorized distributors we would be happy to sell our products directly to you. Elsewhere please click on the region of the map below (or on a corresponding button) for our local partners.  For locations where we have authorized distributors, please contact them for a quote.  Our worldwide authorized sales partners are trained in our products and can provide you with product selection, quotes, sales support and product applications.  Never hesitate to contact us directly should you have any questions whatsoever - we are here to assist you.  

For help with selecting proper model(s) of CleanSweep AC EMI filters please see this link.

U.S. Government buyers:  our CAGE code is 7N0N4

Click on the region below  to find your local authorized distributor:

Thanks! We will get back to you soon.

We accept major U.S. credit cards and PayPal, and, of course, company's P.O.s with verified credit references.  International orders must be prepaid.

IMPORTANT: Please review our Terms and Conditions of Sale, as well as Warranty Statement before placing an order.

Short highlights from our Terms and Conditions of Sale:

  • We cannot guarantee that any of our products will solve any specific problem in the field - there are just too many variables.  We only guarantee that our products meet their published specification.  It is up to the user to determine fitness of the product to the specific application.

  • Our products are made to order - the sale is final, no return or exchange.  Please review product specification carefully before ordering.

  • Our products should not be used in either life support or mission-critical applications - although we strive to manufacture reliable products, some of our suppliers do not explicitly certify their components for such use.

For most of our products we offer 3 year limited warranty - see Warranty Statement

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