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CleanSweep® AC EMI Filters: Ordering Information

Step 1: Make Sure That You Are Ordering the Correct Product

Our filters have different configurations - select the one you really need.  Please see the diagram below to select the basic category:

Step 2: Select Your Electrical Outlet

Protect Your Equipment from EMI on Power Line and Ground

Select A*****FG Models

CleanSweep Noisy AC.png

Protect Your Power Line and Ground from EMI in Your Equipment

Select A*****EG Models

CleanSweep Noisy Load.png

The world has not yet agreed on one universal voltage or on one type of the outlet.  To complicate things, the specific outlet in your facility may be quite different than the one standardized in your country.   In case of a slightest doubt, email us a readable photo of your outlet - it will go a long way towards your getting exactly what you need.  Once a filter is configured for a certain type of outlet, it cannot be changed.

For the curious visit an amazing on-line Digital Museums of Plugs and Sockets -  you are guaranteed to find a plug or an outlet that you have never suspected existed.  And this doesn't even cover locking connectors or IEC309 extended family.


NEMA 5-15           NEMA5-20

AFN515xx filter works with both outlets


NEMA 5-15           NEMA5-20

AFN520xx filter works only with NEMA 5-20 outlet

For applications with the U.S-type outlets consider the type of your existing outlet when selecting proper filter model.  The above is illustration for most typical outlets.

Step 3: Select Power Rating for Your Applications

Equipment that you are planning to power through via CleanSweep EMI filter has certain power rating (voltage and current), as well as connectivity configuration (specific plug or terminal block).  These critical parameters need to be considered when selecting proper filter model.  If you are not sure please contact us - we are happy to help.

Do not go "for the limit" by ordering filter that has the same maximum current rating as the current rating for your equipment - the latter's rating may not take into account in-rush or peak currents - in such cases overloaded filter may overheat, become ineffective, or built-in circuit breaker may cut off power to your equipment.  A prudent approach would be to have your equipment's max. listed current rating be around 75...80% of the filter's rated current.  For example, if your equipment is rated at 10A, it would be a mistake to order 10A-rated AL-series filter - it is very likely that peak current of your 10A equipment will be higher, causing possible power cut-off by the circuit breaker built into the filter.  Go to the next rating - AF series filter. Contact us in case of any questions.

Look at the web page for CleanSweep filters and at the back of each specific category's datasheet for ordering information.  It is always a good idea to talk to us regarding your specific application. We deal with the customers around the world and have some "mileage" in solving many EMI-related problems.  

All CleanSweep® filters perform equally well in all aspects - the difference is only in current rating and in physical size.


Step 4: General Purpose?  Hospital/Medical grade? Residential Use?

Are you planning to use CleanSweep EMI filter in a medical or in residential environments? We have hospital/medical grade filters for some CleanSweep filter models.  Just replace "G" (for General Applications) with "M" (for Medical) in a filter model.  Use the same "M" model If you are planning to use filter in a residential environment, such as for your Hi-Fi setup, or to reduce interference caused by a refrigerator or a pump.

"M"-rated CleanSweep filters have special lower "leakage" current per safety regulations for these categories. In addition, U.S./Canada models employ special hospital-grade outlets and cables with the plugs.  However, due to lower leakage limitation, EMI attenuation is slightly less than in general-purpose models.  There is no advantage in using hospital/medical grade filters in any environment other than in medical or residential applications where it is required by safety regulations.

Important: No Life- or Mission-Critical Applications:  OnFILTER' products are not designed for any “critical applications.” ”Critical applications”  means life support systems, connections to implanted medical devices, or any other applications where product failure could lead to injury to persons or loss of life or property damage.  Our Terms and Conditions of Sale cover this and other important information.  By placing an order with us you agree to these terms.

Our filters are made to order and are neither returnable nor exchangeable - choose wisely.  

Mind Safety Requirements

At the factories around the world we have seen a mismatch between types of outlets with their voltage and current ratings, which is against safety regulations.  OnFILTER cannot and will not ship products that are in violation of their safety certifications.   

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