CleanSweep® AF Series "EG" AC EMC Filters

CleanSweep AC EMC Filter AFN515EG
Datasheet f AFxxxxEG EMI Filter
CleanSweep AF Series AC EMI Filter Back View

This family of plug-and-play AF series CleanSweep® AC EMI filters is configured "in reverse" providing maximum attenuation of conducted emission coming from the equipment.  If your equipment generates excessive noise that cannot be controlled by "regular" EMC approach, this "EG" series EMC filters may be an answer.  These filters excel where the majority of regular filters fail to perform - common mode noise reduction at very low frequencies below 500 kHz as seen in the graphs.  "EG" filters provide noise reduction in differential and common modes and, uniquely, in ground.

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For mounting flanges add "K" at the end.  These filters are not available in hospital/medical grade.
Comparative Low Frequency Performance of AFxxxxEG Filters vs. Leading Regular Filters
CleanSweep AFxxxxEG EMI Filter Differential Mode Comparison
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Common Mode with Regular Filter
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Common Mode with AFxxxxEG Filter
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Application Notes
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Technical Articles

Published in inCompliance Magazine October 2017

Published in inCompliance Magazine, May 2016

Paper by A. Wallash (Hitachi) and V. Kraz (OnFILTER) presented at EOS/ESD Symposium, 2010

Presented at IPC APEX in 2015

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