Semiconductor Manufacturing and EMI

Reduction of electrical overstress (EOS) and error-free operation of equipment are the main drivers to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) in semiconductor manufacturing environment.  High precision, nearly-complete automation, premium value of manufactured products, and their long-term reliability expectations - all requires uninterrupted operation, minimum variations in process, reliable measurements, near-100% yield, and, critically, reduction of latent damage, i.e. failures in the field. EMI interferes with these requirements in different but similar ways in each segment of semiconductor manufacturing.  SEMI E176 Standard provides specific recommendations to semiconductor manufacturers on acceptable levels of EMI and on EMI mitigation.  Read more about SEMI E176 in this and this articles in inCompliance Magazine (both are in our Library).  OnFILTER' products help semiconductor manufacturers to comply with SEMI E176 and reduce influence of EMI.  

Wafer Manufacturing: Front End

Main EMI Challenges

  • Uninterrupted operation

  • Accurate metrology

  • Error-free data communication

  • Consistent process and "recipes"

  • Reduction of EOS

Device Manufacturing: Back End

Main EMI Challenges

  • Low EOS exposure to devices

  • Error-free device test

  • Uninterrupted operation

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What is EMI?  A formal definition of Electromagnetic Interference is that it is a malfunction of equipment caused by excessive high-frequency signals, either radiated (via air), or conducted (via wires).  Often it is also called RFI - Radio Frequency Interference.  Most conventionally, EMI is understood as undesirable high-frequency signals, and EMI filters as devices that suppress such signals while preserving the "good" ones.         

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