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DIN Rail Ground EMI Filter GLV30-1 


This filter qualifies for UL 508A panels by being certified to UL/IEC60939 Standard

This patented ground EMI filter is most suited for blocking EMI in electrical panels.  "Dirty" ground entering panel can cause unstable performance or outright malfunction. 

All specifications are subject to change without notice
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Typical EMI Ground Current Reduction with GLV/GLE30-1
Measured with Tektronix' CT-1 probe 5mV/mA

Typical GLV30-1 Frequency Domain Attenuation

Attenuation at 100kHz

Attenuation at 1MHz

Ground EMI Filter GLV30-1 Typical Attenuation Frequency Response
100kHz 020_edited.jpg

No Filter

With Filter

1MHz 021_edited.jpg

No Filter

With Filter

GLV30-1 Protecting Panel from Noisy Facility Ground

Ground EMI Filter GLV30-1 Protects Panel from EMI on Facility Ground

GLV30-1 Blocking EMI While Maintaining Integrity of Ground

Ground EMI Filter GLV30-1 Blocks EMI Between Grounds
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