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CleanSweep® AV Series DIN Rail AC EMI Filters


Ordering Information: AV2020NG

This filter qualifies for UL 508A panels by being certified to UL/IEC60939 Standard

DIN-rail mount CleanSweep® power line noise filters are specifically designed to provide clean power in control panels.  They block EMI on real life power lines (both common mode and  differential mode) from reaching your sensitive equipment. ​ 


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Performance in Frequency Domain
AV2020NG Response.png
Performance in Time Domain
Transient Attenuation of CleanSweep AC EMI Filter
CleanSweep® EMI Filters offer unparalleled performance
in actual use
Comparative performance of CleanSweep® AC EMI filters vs. conventional filters
CleanSweep® filters protect against transients
Transient surge protecton performance of CleanSweep® AC EMI filters
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