DC EMI Filter DCNG5009 50V 9A

This DC EMI filter provides substantial reduction of electromagnetic interference on DC power lines of up to 50V 9A.  Filter provides noise suppression in both directions protecting your DC lines from noise generating by a particular piece of equipment, or protecting your sensitive equipment from noise coming from DC power supply or other loads.  Other applications include reducing EMI in LED lighting and alike.


DC filter DCNG5009 provides EMI suppression for both polarities - positive and negative, plus common-mode noise vs. ground.  Filter uses plug-in terminal block for connections and mounting flanges for easy installation.  Its rugged construction makes it easy to fit in many industrial tools.

Connection with Noisy Load
Connection with Noisy Source
DC Filter Performance

10 kHz


100 kHz



1 MHz



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What is EMI?  A formal definition of Electromagnetic Interference is that it is a malfunction of equipment caused by excessive high-frequency signals, either radiated (via air), or conducted (via wires).  Often it is also called RFI - Radio Frequency Interference.  Most conventionally, EMI is understood as undesirable high-frequency signals, and EMI filters as devices that suppress such signals while preserving the "good" ones.         

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