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Dual DC EMI Filter DVNG5009 50V 2x9A

This dual DC filter provides substantial reduction of electromagnetic interference on DC power lines in two independent galvanically separated circuits up to 9A each or up to 18A when connected in parallel.  Filter provides noise suppression in both directions protecting your DC lines from noise generating by a particular piece of equipment, or protecting your sensitive equipment from noise coming from DC power supply or other loads. 


DC filter DVNG5009 offers unrivalled flexibility in configurations - see Applications below.  Filter uses plug-in terminal blocks for connections and DIN rail mount for easy installation.  Its small size makes it easy to fit in many panels. DVNG5009 has many uses - noisy DC supplies, LED lighting, and others.

This filter qualifies for UL 508A panels by being low voltage, low energy device

Dual DC Filter 2x9A 50V
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Single DC Filter 18A 50V
Application Examples
DC FIlter DIN Rail Filter Connections 1b for Datasheet.png
DC FIlter DIN Rail Filter Connections 2a for Datasheet.png
Both Polarities are Filtered 9A 50V
DC FIlter DIN Rail Filter Connections 3 for Datasheet.png
Typical Time Domain Performance
100kHz 016N.png
Without Filter: 1.01V Peak
With Filter: 1.09mV
>900 times or 59dB reduction
Typical Frequency Domain Performance
Attenuation DVNG5009.png
Typical SMPS Range
Application Notes

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