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Servo Motor / VFD Combo Filter SF20032

OnFILTER' Servo Motor / VFD Filter SF20032

This filter qualifies for UL 508A panels by being certified to UL1283 and/or UL/IEC60939 Standards

This patented model of servo motor/VFD EMI filter uniquely combines both motor and AC filtering in one small enclosure providing complete EMI filtering for a servo motor or VFD.   If you want only motor filter please consider SF20031 (3A), SF20101 (10A), SF20201 (20A), or DIN rail mounted SV20101 models.

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"We tested the servo filter on another system, this time with Kollmorgen motors. We saw another significant reduction in noise on our signal"  (P.M.,U.K.)

If you are not sure which specific model would work with your drive/motor, send us a legible photo of drive and/or motor label and if you know, the specific models 

  • No mechanical attachments

  • No changes in software

  • No adjustments

Basic Connections and Performance of  Servo/VFD Motor Filter SF20032

Connections of AC Mains Filter Section

OnFILTER' Servo Motor / VFD Filter SF20032 AC Connections and Performance
AC Voltage Reduction with SF20032 Filter

AC Voltage Reduction with SF20032

Connections of Motor Filter Section

Servo / VFD Filter Connections
Ground current without the filer
Ground current with SF series filters
Drive pulse edge modified by SF series filters

Ground Current Reduction with SF Series Motor Filters

Pulse Edge Modification

OnFILTER' Servo Motor / VFD Filter SF20032 Dimensions

Mounting Dimensions

SF20031, SF20032 and SF20101
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Application Notes

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